Thursday, September 29, 2011

Early Intervention is Key!

We've said it so many times throughout this Blog, "early intervention is key." That statement rang so true a few weeks ago at our Support Group when we had the opportunity to see one of Graci's new friends.
Our group took a three month break for the summer, so it was super fun to get back together to see the progress some of the little kiddos had made. The star of the show was a little 10 month old angel who had undergone her open heart surgery this past May.

As we were watching her go, we were reminded of the group session just before her surgery where her parents were nervous and listening to all input on the matter. It is always such an emotional discussion because all of us who have gone through it are taken back to those moments just before surgery and we remember how scared and unsure we were. It's nice to know so many people care enough to share their stories in order to help others get through the fear.

So, here we were watching this little 10 month old "go". Yes, you read that right... she was crawling on her hands and knees all over the place! Then, once she made it to an adult, she would reach out and when the adult took her hands or arms, she would pull herself up to a perfect stand!!! It was amazing and so inspiring to watch! She's only 10 months old!

We had the chance to sit with her Dad for a bit and found out that she is in Physical Therapy (PT) once a week and that is clearly helping her move from one place to the next. It was fun to listen to him tell his story about the things they are doing for their little girl to ensure she has the best possible chance while navigating her own life. Maybe we can get her parents to share their story here?

Check with your Pediatrician to see if starting PT (or other therapies) or if increasing the sessions might make a difference with your angel. Early intervention is definitely key!

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